The Hills Grammar Parents and Friends Association
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The HG Parent Connect Network is a group of parent volunteers who assist the School in welcoming new parents, organising social functions, supporting PAFA and offering assistance when required.

Class teachers in the Junior School and subject teachers in the Senior School often draw on the experience and knowledge of the parent body to complement their programs.

Ideally, we have a team of Parents (3-7) from each year group who work together towards creating a sense of community and support for our parents and families. Each term we meet to catch up with Parents, discuss ways we can contribute to our goal, listen to the Heads of School on a range of subjects - plan parent activities and work with PAFA on their planned fundraising and other projects.

There is an obvious synergy between the PAFA and HG Parent Connect Network with many parents active in both associations throughout their time at the School.  Engaging our community is very important to us and our parents provide an excellent channel of communication and participation.  Our HG Parent Connect  Manual can be viewed via the Intranet.

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